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Oral Conscious Sedation

Safe, Easy, and Relaxing

Oral conscious sedation uses an oral sedative to significantly reduce your fears and discomfort. Oral conscious sedation does not require needles and is less expensive than IV sedation.


Oral Conscious Sedation

Plano Parkway Dental helps you to conquer your dental fear or phobia by offering sedation dentistry; however, the type of dental sedation they offer depends on the level of your dental fear. For example, maybe your specific range of fear permits you to obtain your necessary dental work, but you still are reluctant to come to our office. Dr. Taylor may recommend a sedation option to overcome your reluctance: oral conscious sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation at Work

Next to laughing gas, oral conscious sedation dentistry is now the most recommended dental sedation practice in the United States. A simple method of sedation, oral conscious sedation requires no needles. The medications function to create such a pleasant experience that you probably will not recall the visit at all! The effects of oral conscious sedation make it seem as if you slept right through the procedure. You may find yourself wondering when the procedure will begin, but, no matter how relaxed you become, oral conscious sedation dentistry maintains a level of awareness for your safety and your collaboration with Dr. Taylor.

What are the Benefits of Using Oral Conscious Sedation?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of oral conscious sedation is, most times, Dr. Taylor can perform all of your necessary dental work in one visit. Another benefit, dissimilar to the use of general anesthesia where you would be unconscious, is that oral conscious sedation makes it so you can speak and breathe on your own during your dental procedure. Your semi-state of unconsciousness enables you to respond to Dr. Taylor's questions during the dental procedure, if needed. Your sleep-like state puts you in a heightened state of relaxation — and most times, you probably will not remember much about the procedure. With oral conscious sedation, your dental work that took hours to complete will feel like it was only minutes.

While oral conscious sedation puts you at ease during your procedure, Dr. Taylor still administers a local anesthetic to the dental work area to make sure you do not experience any pain. Needle? With oral conscious sedation, you will not care – another great benefit.

Steps When Choosing Oral Conscious Sedation

When electing to use oral conscious sedation, usually you will have two appointments. At your first visit, Dr. Taylor will take an in depth health history. If your dental fears permit, he or his dental hygienist will perform a dental exam and take x-rays. Then, Dr. Taylor will give you a prescription for a sedative medication. You will take this medication the night before your second appointment that allows you to be well rested for your office visit.

The second appointment requires you to have a companion bring you to and from the office. Once at the office, you will take additional sedation medication to make sure that you are in a serene state of mind. Plano Parkway Dental's sedation team monitors your comfort level during your entire visit.

Whatever your reason – dental fear or time constraints – oral conscious sedation is a great solution to getting all your dental work completed during one visit, comfortably and stress free.

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