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Laughing Gas Sedation

Feel effects is 20 seconds

During the inhalation of laughing gas, you remain conscious and able to breathe on your own and develop a sense of total well-being. When you choose laughing gas, your recovery time is minimal with little to no recollection of the procedure.


Laughing Gas

Dr. Taylor and his qualified staff want you to be as comfortable as possible when you visit their Plano Parkway Dental office, so if you have any dental fear or dental phobia, know that they have readily available a wide selection of sedation dentistry options to lessen your anxiety and reduce your discomfort. First, they will determine the extent of your anxiety, and second, they will recommend the appropriate dentistry sedation for you. One option Dr. Taylor may recommend is nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas.

When is Laughing Gas Recommended?

If you experience mild to moderate dental anxiety or dental phobia, more than likely, Dr. Taylor will recommend laughing gas, the most commonly used sedation method at Plano Parkway Dental. Laughing gas allows you to remain conscious and to breathe on your own while creating a sense of total comfort. Laughing gas also reduces the time needed for recuperation and leaves you with little to no memory of your dental procedure. Laughing gas also enables you to resume normal activities immediately. If you are not sure that laughing gas is right for you, ask Dr. Taylor for a mini-trial session at your next dental check up.

How Laughing Gas Works to Ease Your Dental Fear

Once you are comfortable in the chair, Dr. Taylor's hygienist places a small mask over your nose. Next, he or she controls the switches on the gas tank to produce the correct mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Normally, you receive a mixture of 70 percent oxygen and 30 percent nitrous oxide. Once the laughing gas flow has begun, the hygienist monitors the meters and gauges of the air tank, controlling the flow of gases you receive. When you breathe in the laughing gas, your anxieties plummet, and you become more at ease for your dental procedure.

Benefits of Laughing Gas

When your dental fear is mild to moderate, you are an excellent candidate for laughing gas; it is the most often used dentistry sedation method. One reason for its popularity is that you can remain conscious and able to breathe on your own during your dental procedure while feeling carefree and relaxed. Recovery time is minimal with little to no recollection of the dental work performed.

We at Plano Parkway Dental aim to provide you with a dental experience as pleasing and as relaxing as we can; therefore, we use laughing gas with the following benefits.

It is a sedation that

  • reduces mild to moderate anxiety
  • is administered without a needle
  • produces safe results
  • produces immediate results
  • has few, if any, side effects
  • provides pain relief after two or three minutes
  • allows you to drive yourself to and from our office
  • allows you resume usual activities right away
  • allows easy monitoring
  • leaves your body within 3 to 5 minutes once stopped

When Dr. Taylor recommends and when you choose laughing gas, you are using a safe, proven method that can calm your anxiety and increase your tolerance for pain. Remember; our greatest concern at Plano Parkway Dental is for you to have a dental experience that is pain-free and pleasant. Ask about laughing gas today.

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