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dental fear anxiety phobia

Dental Fear, Dental Anxiety, & Dental Phobia

Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

Patients have different fears depending upon what caused them in the first place. Often times, fears come from things reminiscent of a dental experience.


Dental Fear, Dental Anxiety, & Dental Phobia

Odontalphobia? It is a fancy name for dental fear or dental phobia. What it is not is something that should keep you from receiving the dental care you need to maintain your optimum dental health or to change the appearance of your smile. Dr. Jesse Taylor, of Plano Parkway Dental, in Plano, TX, can reduce or remove your apprehensive feelings with the use of sedation dentistry, making you feel relaxed during your treatment processes and help you achieve an anxiety-free dental check up or smile makeover.

The Three Classifications of Dental Fear

Psychologists have classified dental fear into three categories: dental anxiety, dental fear, and dental phobia.

  • Dental anxiety – When you have dental anxiety, you are responding to a fear you have not yet experienced. A common category for many people, it is a fear towards a new dental experience; therefore, it is the fear of the unknown.
  • Dental fear – When you have dental fear, you are responding to a danger you have experienced. For example, you have had similar dental work completed previously, and you are fearful of going through the same procedure; therefore, you know what to expect.
  • Dental phobia – When you have dental phobia, you are responding to your dental fear in a way that is intense and incapacitating. Your phobia keeps you from getting the proper dental care you need; therefore, you avoid dental checkups, dental cleanings, and any and everything that starts with the word "dental!"

Conquering Dental Fear

First, Plano Parkway Dental will need to evaluate your level of dental fear and recommend the right sedation dentistry for you. Sedation dentistry eases the fear that keeps you from coming to our office. By reducing or removing your dental fear, you are more apt to get your proper dental care. Second, by lessening your dental phobia with sedation dentistry, you will have better chances of maintaining your oral health, not letting any oral problems go unattended. With sedation dentistry, not only are you conquering your dental fear, but you are also conquering the possibility of future intense dental treatments.

Living with Dental Fear

Surprisingly, dental fear can affect your life. When you choose not to visit a dentist, it is a given your dental health will suffer, but your dental fear also can lead you to anxiety and depression. For example, if your teeth cause you embarrassment, you may avoid meeting new people, or even seeing your close friends. Job opportunities may be lost because you cannot work through your dental fear to get a smile makeover. Your self-esteem may be low because you are disappointed in yourself in that you cannot make yourself visit the dentist, and finally, you may feel guilty for not seeking proper dental care.

Can Plano Parkway Dental Help Me Conquer My Dental Fear?

Absolutely! Plano Parkway Dental provides sedation dentistry! Dr. Taylor and his dental team want your dental care to be anxiety ridden and ache free. Our utmost concern is your comfort and well-being. We want you to be relaxed from the moment you dreadfully walk into our office to the minute you confidently walk out our door. Sedation dentistry is the means to conquer dental fear!

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