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Plano's Personalized Dental Care

Creating beautiful smiles in a warm, comfortable atmosphere, Dr. Jesse Taylor and his talented dental team and staff, can complete ALL phases of dentistry saving you time and money!


Why Choose Plano Parkway Dental

Whether you are new to Plano, TX, or your dentist retired, or you are just in the market for a new dentist, you want to choose Plano Parkway Dental for your dental services. Dr. Jesse Taylor and his dental team provide friendly, excellent dental care.

Plano Parkway Dental's website indicates a high patient approval rating of 94.2 percent, based testimonies. Your dental care is an extremely personalized service that demands a balanced rapport between your dentist and you.

Questions to Consider When Choosing Plano Parkway Dental

Following are questions you want to consider in your decision-making process when choosing Plano Parkway Dental.

  • Is the office open at convenient times for you to schedule appointments?
  • Is the office conveniently located to your home or work?
  • Is the office well kept and organized?
  • Is the office able to record and maintain permanent medical and dental files?
  • Is the office concerned with explaining dental techniques and dental health instruction that aid in preventing dental health problems?
  • Is the office prepared to handle any emergencies outside of office hours?
  • Is the office prepared to provide information about fees and payment plans before treatment is scheduled?

Plano Parkway Dental can answer "yes" to all of the above questions. We strive to make our patient's experience as convenient as possible.

Choose Plano Parkway Dental

Considering the questions above, Plano Parkway Dental has convenient office hours. We are conveniently located, and our office is impeccable. We maintain and update your dental records during each dental check up. We pride ourselves on educating our patients in the most efficient and effective dental practices. We are reachable during non-office hours for emergencies, and we discuss in detail expenses and payment options prior to any dental work.

When you choose Plano Parkway Dental, know that our goal is to be right for you and your dental needs!

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From A Patient

I'm not a person that likes or enjoys going to the dentist, But Dr. Taylor and his staff are the best! They treat you like your family, and cater to your every need making sure you are comfortable, and at ease! They explain everything in detail, which is a comfort to me, knowing and understanding what needs to be done. I'm glad that I found this crew, they are best, and most important ...... GENTLE! no pain is what I want and need and they provide that, I feel they truly care about my needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Taylor and his staff for any and all dental needs.

Kathy C

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