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Full Dentures & Partial Dentures

False Teeth To Make Your Beautiful Smile

Designed and fitted correctly, full dentures look and function like natural teeth; however, full dentures are removable for proper cleaning, and just like natural teeth, dentures require daily brushing.


Full Dentures & Partial Dentures

Dental laboratories manufacture dentures to replace your missing teeth. Also known as "false teeth," artisans began to hand carve dentures from ivory and bone as early as 700 BC. The process to create dentures was tiresome and long. Today, Plano Parkway Dental can quickly have an upper, lower, or a full set of dentures manufactured for you that leaves you with a comfortable, natural looking smile.

How Do I Know Dentures are for Me?

When all of your teeth are missing or some of your teeth require continual dental attention, Plano Parkway Dental may recommend full dentures or partial dentures. Dentures provide you with a fully functional smile and make it easier for you to eat and speak. Based on Dr. Taylor's specifications, dental lab technicians control the size, shape, and color of all your teeth. Dentures are right for you if you want feel confident when you smile.

Who Manufactures my Dentures?

Because the technique involved in creating your perfect smile – your set of full or partial dentures – requires extreme precision, Plano Parkway Dental takes impressions of your mouth and then sends the impressions to their trusted dental lab. Also included are the specifications as to the proper size, shape, and color your false teeth should be. Once your dentures are finished, you will return to Plano Parkway Dental for a conference and fitting where Dr. Taylor makes recommendations as to the overall structure and fit of your full dentures, but remember. You have the ultimate say in choosing the full or partial dentures that create your preferred smile.

How do Dentures Stay in Place?

Normally, your dentures stay in place by suction. When you place your denture over your gum, suction develops between your gum and your denture. Most often, the suction is sufficient to hold your denture in place; however, you may want to use an adhesive to secure your false teeth, and in rare instances, if you experience constant slipping of the dentures, a more permanent solution may be warranted: (dental) implant supported dentures.

How Do I Know if My Dentures Fit Properly?

With the impression Dr. Taylor or his hygienist made, your full or partial dentures should fit correctly. We have worked with our dental lab for several years. Nevertheless, sometimes a slight adjustment is required. You will want to allocate a month or so to adjust to your dentures. During this time, you will adjust to speaking, eating, and smiling with your new teeth, allowing these functions to become as natural as if your were using your own teeth. When you experience discomfort or notice that your top and bottom dentures do not align properly, you should call our office right away.

The following suggestions will help you decide if your false teeth are a proper fit and will help you work through any adjustment period.

• Deciding on a Proper Fit

  • Are you dentures slipping while you eat, talk, or smile?
  • Are you gums getting sore?
  • Are you accumulating excessive saliva or experiencing dry mouth?

• Using Helpful Aids

  • When you eat – cut smaller-sized bites, steam vegetables, avoid challenging meats (i.e., steak)
  • When you speak – read aloud to notice articulation difficulties
  • When you adjust – massage gums gently, drink water to help dry mouth or reduce excessive saliva
  • When you experience slippage – ask about a recommended dental adhesive

Do Dentures Require Maintenance?

Absolutely! Your full dentures or partial dentures look and function just like your natural teeth, and just like your natural teeth, your dentures require daily brushing. What is different is that your false teeth are removable, making those hard areas to clean easier to reach.

Your dentures collect bacteria and create plaque as your natural teeth would. Plaque will still build up on your gums, so you will want to practice daily dental care; however, a major difference is you will not want to use toothpaste: toothpaste is too abrasive for your dentures. You will want to use a mild soap, baking soda, or a commercial denture cleaner. Ask our office about the appropriate cleaner for your dentures.

Are Dental Exams Necessary with Dentures?

Even though you have dentures – false teeth – you still want to plan your routine dental check ups. Dr. Taylor needs to monitor the soft tissue of your mouth, including your tongue and cheeks, looking for any infections or mouth conditions and perform an oral cancer exam. Early detection of dental issues helps to maintain your most advantageous oral health. Your specific dental health determines how often you will visit our office. Plano Parkway Dental will recommend what is right for you.

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