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tooth replacement options

Tooth Replacement Options

Bridges, Partial Dentures & Implants

The three most common ways for a dentist to replace one or more missing teeth are a bridge, dental implants, or a partial denture. Of the three, dental implants are the most lasting.


Tooth Replacement Options

Why do I Need to Know about Tooth Replacement Options?

Tooth replacement options date back as far as 700BC. One of the more famous, early tooth replacement patients was President George Washington. Needless to say, today's technology has advanced since our Founding Father wore dentures, and today's routine dental care helps immensely to preserve the teeth you are given, but still, sometimes you may have an occasion arise that requires you to know about your tooth replacement options.

Tooth Replacement Options and Your Age

If you are lucky, you mature to a "good old" age. If you are like most people, you want to maintain your health and your appearance. For instance, you might work on your diet and exercise for a healthy body, but do you focus the same care and attention to your teeth? No? If not, then later in your life, you may experience dental problems. Just like any other machinery, your teeth have a tendency to deteriorate after years of use: wear down, chip, or crack, and in due course, fall out.

Tooth Replacement Options and Medications

Tooth replacement options may be needed if you general health condition requires that you take medications. Today, many of the new drugs lead to dry mouth or other symptoms that affect your ability to battle cavities. Dr. Taylor, of Plano Parkway Dental, in Plano, TX, may recommend a dental crown to remedy your cavity, but every so often, the cavity is too extensive that extraction of your tooth is the better option and tooth replacement becomes the most advantageous option, possibly requiring a dental implant. Dr. Taylor will discuss with you which tooth replacement options are suited for your needs.

Tooth Replacement Options and Other Causes

You may be involved in some type of accident that causes tooth loss, hopefully not. More often, you lose your teeth due to lingering periodontal or gum disease, regardless if you have maintained good dental care over the years or not.

Why do I need Tooth Replacement Options?

Whether you have one or more than one missing tooth, missing teeth not only affect how you look and feel, but also are unfavorable to your long-term oral and medical health. Your teeth offer more functions than just the capability to chew. Your teeth are necessary for the wellbeing of your gums, jaw, and other teeth, too, very important parts for your overall general health.

What are the Tooth Replacement Options?

For whatever reason you have lost a tooth or more than one tooth, Dr. Taylor can replace that tooth or teeth by using one of many tooth replacement options available, such as dental implants, dental bridges, and partial or full dentures. Dr. Taylor will be happy to discuss with you the preferred treatment for your dental needs.


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