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dental crowns

Dental Crowns

Strengthening A Decayed Tooth

A dental crown will restore your natural, functional, healthy-looking smile. A crown can make your tooth stronger and improve its overall appearance. Cracked, broken, decayed, or worn teeth can be "capped" with a dental crown.


Dental Crowns

When you want a winning smile, Plano Parkway Dental, in Plano, TX, may propose a dental crown to fit over your tooth, restoring it to its normal shape and size. By choosing dental crowns as your dental restoration option, not only will you make your teeth stronger but you will also improve their overall appearance.

Dental Crowns Explained

Dental crowns cover your teeth entirely, fitting closely at your gum-line. They protect what is left of your natural teeth by encircling them or a dental implant. Dr. Taylor bonds the dental crowns to your teeth with dental cement. A dental laboratory will fabricate your dental crowns from many materials working to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth.

Are Dental Crowns Right for Me?

When you want to restore the appearance and protect your tooth, dental crowns are right for you. Dr. Taylor may suggest dental crowns if you have any of the following dental issues:

  • You have a tooth that requires a large filling and there is an inadequate amount of your natural tooth remaining.
  • You need a dental bridge to protect a weak tooth from breaking, or to restore a broken tooth.
  • You have teeth that have become discolored or badly shaped.
  • You have a dental implant that needs to be covered.

Normally, when Dr. Taylor recommends a crown, it is to right one of the above conditions keeping your teeth healthy and your smile brilliant.

The Process to Make Dental Crowns

To start the process of making your dental crown, Dr. Taylor or his hygienist makes an impression of your prepared tooth. Next, they send the impression to their dental lab to make the crown. Using an impression allows the use of strong restorative materials that require intense heat, such as casting metal or firing porcelain that obviously would not be possible to perform inside your mouth.

The dental laboratory can construct your dental crowns from several durable materials: gold, ceramic, or porcelain. The choice is yours. However, many patients chose porcelain crowns because they are easier to match to the natural color of your surrounding teeth.

Preparing for Dental Crowns

Dr. Taylor will numb your mouth and prepare your tooth by removing its outer portion. He then thoroughly examines your tooth and removes the decay. Next, he creates a shape and size area surrounding your tooth intended to accommodate your dental crown. Then, he makes an impression of your tooth or teeth and sends it to his dental lab where they manufacture your dental crown. The production process takes one to two weeks. During this time, Dr. Taylor protects your prepared teeth and gums with a temporary, acrylic resin crown.

Applying Dental Crowns

When your dental crown is finished, a staff member from Plano Parkway Dental calls you to make your appointment for its placement. The first agenda item is for Dr. Taylor to remove your temporary crown. Next, he fits and adjusts your permanent dental crown into place. Dr. Taylor checks the dental crown for its appearance, color match, bite discrepancies, and fit. Once he is satisfied with the qualities of your dental crown, he permanently bonds the dental crown to your tooth.

Maintaining Dental Crowns

Maintaining your dental crown is not any different than maintaining your natural teeth. By being committed to good dental care practices, you are taking the first step to maintain your dental crown. Furthermore, to protect your crown, you want to gently brush and floss the dental crown at its base. This helps to prevent bacterial development that can lead to gum disease. Finally, when you schedule your routine dental check ups with Plano Parkway Dental, we will check your crown for any indicators of abnormalities.

Remember; dental crowns not only make your weaken teeth stronger, but they also create a smile that makes you confident. Ask the dental team at Plano Parkway Dental if dental crowns are right for you.


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