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The Perks of Dental Bonding

There are many types of dental treatments that can help you fix your teeth. If the issue is small, you might consider some dental bonding to fix it. Here is what this treatment can do for you.

Can Blend Right In
Bonding is made up of composite resin, which has a nifty ability. Composite resin is colored much like your teeth. When it is placed, it can blend in so well that people you meet may not even know it is there. The material can also be sculpted by our dentist, Dr. Jesse Taylor, to match the shape of your teeth as well.

Repairs Smaller Issues With Your Teeth
Bonding can help you with many smaller issues like if your teeth are chipped, fractured or discolored. The material can fill out and cover these issues up so your teeth can look good again. Even if your teeth developed with large gaps between them or are not as long as they should be, the material can fill them out so your smile looks more complete.

If dental bonding sounds like the thing for you, we offer it here at Plano Parkway Dental in Plano, Texas. We also offer a wide range of services that can help you with many dental issues. We are happy to help you however you need, so feel free to call 972-519-0990 today!

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